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GPS for Alzheimer

Our GPS Locator system offers family members and parents the peace of mind knowing they can locate loved ones 24-hours a day, seven days a week in just minutes! 

Quest Guard's products allow for the adaptation of GPS tracking technology to the problem of wandering by Alzheimer’s patients and children with Autism. When a loved one wanders and cannot be immediately located what is the alternative?

This technology can provide a peace of mind that could not be found until the advent of advanced GPS devices.

Our Single piece design is perfectly suited for the Alzheimer's patient or child with Autism. Our system will alert you in several ways; automatically by email or text message, or by a live operator from our E-911 certified monitoring center. In any of our notification formats you will receive the notification within minutes of the person wearing our device leaving an "Inclusion" zone that you have chosen.


This is the first GPS tracking device with practical application for the medical community and families and those with Alzheimer's and Autism. It is currently the smallest one on the market measuring approximately only 2" X 2" x 1-1/2”!

The device comes with web-based tracking software designed for ease of use with families in mind. The software will perform automated alerts if a wandering event should occur.  Also available are emergency live operator (personnel assistance) call center plans that can help in locating a loved one. For the first time in the U.S. a small single piece GPS tracking device is available to assist medical practitioners and families with tracking and monitoring of individuals with Alzheimer's and Autism.

This IS the best technology based solution for securing the safety of a loved one who is suffering with Alzheimer's or Autism and is experiencing wandering events.

Pricing is very affordable with several purchase or lease options. Contact us now for additional information.




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Why GPS Monitoring?

  1. It is Cheaper than incarceration
  2. It creates a workforce multiplier
  3. It creates the highest level of "real time" Client Accountably that technology can provide
  4. It deploys a technology that makes all other electronic monitoring programs obsolete

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