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Quest Guard provides Worldwide turn-Key electronic monitoring solutions to Law Enforcement, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Bail Agents , and the Medical community.

Quest Guard in association with top industry leaders: specializes in electronic monitoring technologies, manufacturing, software development, marketing, management and consulting services for applications within the offender, medical, people, and asset tracking industries.
 We are the Exclusive One-Stop Turn-Key Provider of State-Of-The-Art Electronic Monitoring Solutions Throughout the World. 

 We train and support public and private agencies in developing and maintaining comprehensive electronic monitoring programs anywhere in the World.

  • GPS Tracking
  • Drug Monitoring
  • Alcohol Monitoring
  • Offender Pay Programs
  • House Arrest Programs
  • Asset Tracking Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Vehicle Ignition Interlock Systems
  • Complete Turn-Key Electronic Monitoring Solutions








Quest Guard supports and maintains the critical services including, client interaction, client billing, field services, technical support, 24/7 monitoring services, and professional agency training.

Our system continually monitors and reports offender location and activities with places and events of interest, i.e. the location of a crime incident, by utilizing GPS tracking.

There is widespread agreement among criminal justice officials that the recidivism of individuals currently on probation, parole, pre-trial release or other forms of community control is one of the most significant challenges facing the criminal justice community. Despite the best efforts of corrections and law enforcement professionals, these offenders continue to re-offend in large numbers. 

Probation officer's caseloads are reaching up to 300 cases, which results in supervision problems. With more and more non-violent offenders occupying valuable jail and prison space and decreasing budgets, Agencies need to find better methods for the growing rate of offenders. Community based monitoring may be the answer with our Solutions.

Quest Guard will tailor make the solutions to fit your agency budget and requirements by:

 Overview of Case Management Services
Implementation Approach- As a veteran of GPS tracking systems and client monitoring, Quest Guard and our authorized distributors who actually provide offender services approaches the implementation of case management with the knowledge of technology, experience and ability to tailor our approach to the needs and priorities of the organization.


This approach includes four key features:

  • Case Management Services Demonstrations
  • A Services Agency Training Plan
  • Case Services Work Flow Plan
  • Initial Implementation Plan
The Case Service Work Flow Plan involves four phases:
  • The Pre-Enrollment Orientation phase
  • The Enrollment phase
  • The Client Reporting and Maintenance phase
  • The Release Process phase

We realize each customer will have some specific requirements unique to their organization. These requirements will be incorporated into our work flow process as part of our ongoing support for the end users.
We offer complete solutions to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Bail Agents, Courts, Parole / Probation, DMV, and Defense Attorneys.
We offer alternatives to incarceration with our Community based monitoring and Case Management Solutions.   
We are the leaders in service without equal.

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Why GPS Monitoring?

  1. It is Cheaper than incarceration
  2. It creates a workforce multiplier
  3. It creates the highest level of "real time" Client Accountably that technology can provide
  4. It deploys a technology that makes all other electronic monitoring programs obsolete

GPS Tracking Products


TrackerPal Is the most advanced Active GPS Tracking device. The unit incorporates interactive voice capabilities, and 24-7-365 monitoring by our National Monitoring Center. The solution for Tracking Offenders. Other applications include Alzheimer's, Autism, and at risk Teens. Pricing is set by quantites and application ... more

Vehicle Interlock System

Vehicle Ignition Interlock Systems Recommended State-of-the-Art Interlock Systems have microprocessor-controlled operations which exceed NHTSA specifications. The heated electrochemical fuel cell and breath sample path ways provide an ex ... more

Mems 3000

The Mems 3000 is a highly efficient monitoring unit, integrating breath alcohol testing (BAT), and automatic facial recognition. MEMS 3000 allows law enforcement agencies to monitor offenders' breath alcohol levels remotely ... more


SleepTime Alcohol and Drug Monitoring. The only system for continuous monitoring of alcohol and other drug abuse is economical, efficient, and easy to use. The SleepTime™ 24/7 Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse Monitor allows 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week alcohol and other drug abuse monitoring. ... more


PASSPOINT makes drug and alcohol testing more efficient, accurate, clean and economical. PASSPOINT allows for increase test frequency; it enhances supervision, decreases cost, and improves staff morale. PASSPOINT usually eliminates 90% of negative urinalysis at an agency. ... more